A friendly smile

by Aaron Hister
(Chicago, Il)

a smile

like no other one...
white pearl warming my heart your breath smells of bubble gum

a laugh

a laugh that would make you laugh
refreshing...make you feel like you bathed in the sacred bath
what ever your emotion hers would take you past

those eyes

that stare right through you
stare into them deep and you forget who's who

or where you are
a conversation I would dare not start
I see my future in them those bright pare of stars

smell your fragrance and my nose reacts to something sweet
your presence there?s nothing like your company

your skin

so smooth
flowers in my words no one to send them to
this girl that I liked since middle school
jump in if someone belittles you


invisible to you, you?re all I can see
in my mind, in my eyes, in my thoughts, in my dreams
childish thoughts playing with my mind like chalk and a swing

a turn down

like the last we just need to be friends
a feeling that?s past a flower to send

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