All around the world girl

by Aaron Hister

I want to take you all across the globe over the oceans and seas
internationally soaking uv?s

I want to take you to Acapulco
Walking on the beach rocking LaCotse and Polo
On a cruise ship move it and topple boatloads

To New Zealand in a Porche two seatin
Talking about the future for a few evening
You?re bright I?m hot we?re the true season

We can star gaze entranced in Barcelona Spain and France
Read you my heart and leave no dry eye on the Eifel tower run in Paris? rain or dance
Catch a plane to Tokyo and let our love stain Japan

We can learn Japanese and argue in a new langue
I want to talk to the moon because the earth is too basic

we can go to Thailand
walk in Hawaii on the white sand
watch the sun rise with one eye because we out lived the night?s span

take you to the mother land because black is what I am
we can leave now don?t even need bags with us

you?re my best friends the best parts are the benefits
take you to the Dingli Cliffs with pictures to say we witnessed this

take you places you new even dreamed of
all different type of people remember that I that they?ve seen us

I want you to be the person when I travel to take a trip with
I would do that for you, if only you existed...

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