Black and white

by Aaron Hister


the power from the earth

the color of blood minus the body
strong, spontaneous, and honesty

the color of attention
vitality, courage, self confidence with it
the color that you choose when they want your attention
distinguishes the living from the non, vitalism


Energy, individuality, independence
joy resourcefulness

senses and remove inhibitions

social enthusiastic strength in our appetites
workday emotion leads a constructive life


The color you paint the sun
Self-esteem, wisdom,

clarity, aware of peace

Increased thought and stimulation
Perception love good-humored conversation

The color of a complement
The color of Optimists


balance, harmony, self control
renewal, love, unconditional

a different kind of power that comes from an unknown source
the color of life and wealth add red to distort

natural air that is need for our whole being
the color of the heart the color that a sail boat needs

Understanding, sympathy and again self-control
adaptive, compassion, generosity, and humble


Relaxing, sleepiness, pacifier, slowing down
knowledge, health, the color of sound

decisiveness, connection, flow
communication, cautious, inspirational

Ideal how I feel

thinking, thought, message
speech and effeteness

color of true love
the true color of blood


Universal color faith and intuition
unconsciousness imagination, mysticism

understanding dream and activity
being part of life and experiencing

the indigo energy connects us psychically and increase
intuition, fearlessness, and the truth that we seek


Kindness, justice, purified, spirituality

connective energy
bringing guidance to me
beauty, creativity,

thoughts feelings
inspiration, leadership

Enhancement artisism talent and creativity
strong, personal, sacred, mentally


came to mean fear
bad threatening uncertainty unclear

inconspicuous power potential and possibility
restful self control resilience mystery

the presence of all color
my sisters and brothers

(artisism= my own word for artistic)

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