COMFORT = a poem by L.A.Webber

by L.A.Webber


comfort tends to be a relative thing
and your sense of it changes as you change
it is, after all
a perception thing...
some need a fluffy bed
some need nothing more than the ground
some need company
some don't
perhaps there are levels
where comfort is not an issue
one simply is and that is enough
we've been taught what comfort is supposed to be
what to take comfort in
and little if any of it
is simply being

we're trained to need something
other than what is
to be comfortable
and what is a comfort today
may not be tomorrow
even though you still have it.....

it's a hard box to break out of......

i like my comfort
but it has changed many times over the years
i get used to this
then to that
and learn to get used to what i have to get used to
simply because it's what i have right now

i wonder
could i be comfortable with nothing?
nothing but myself?
the ground and a tree to sit under and lean on?
or just the ground?
do i really want to know?


there's what i think i need
and what i think i want
and neither one has to matter
i hold on to this
and strive for that
and none of it has to matter

everything except love
that matters
so i guess
as long as i have love
i'm comfortable........

yeh...that'll do.......


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