by Aaron Hister
(Chicago, Il)

I went in with high hopes
The spinning sky froze

When the smoke cleared
woke with drumming in both ears
No smiles no tears
No pressure from those peers
New machine but I?m running on stone gears

I feel how I felt but a little better though
Hand on my heart trying act like it?s a stethoscope

Light headedness
My worst fright at its best
My girl's walking to me like she?s in a white wedding dress

Feeling drowsy
Different thoughts surround me
Body feeling heavy headache bigger than a clowns feet

Headache, feeling kind of nauseous
Plan b get my lucky wallet, I got lost with, in my coat pocket, in the closet

Body tired but I?m wide awake
Scramble my eggs like the words I?m trying to make

Eyes turned back to their natural color
Hand me some snacks out the cubbard

Under the same spell put on my mask
Gas in my space craft and wait...crash

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