More Info on Blaine's Mega Magic Book!!

David Blaine's Mega Magic

The Secrets of David Blane Revealed...

by Lance Lines

- Card Tricks

- Coin Tricks

- Bar Magic

- Street Magic

- Mind Reader

- Levitation

- Optical Illusions

Table of contents:

Card Tricks

2 of a Kind

49er Fools Gold

Ace Party

All The Aces

Any Way You Count 'Em

Assistance Needed

Best Friends

Build The Houses

Card Transposition

Count Down

Cut To It

Deck Predictor

Double Turnover

Easy Pick


Find The Card The Hard Way

4 Friendly Kings

A Poker Player's Picnic

After Drinks

Amazing Ace stopper

Appearing Card

Back Flip

Bottoms Up

Calling the Shots


Criss Cross

Cutting the Aces

Do It Yourself Discovery

Easy Eights

Eight Threatening Kings

Find Card The Easy Way

Fool-Proof Reversed Card

Four in a Row

Four Kingdoms

Gemini Twins

Gladlock the Great Knows All

Haphazard Cards

I Can't Believe They Don't Get It!

In My Pocket

Keith's Trick

Liar, Liar

Magic Breath

Magic Magnets Colour Separation

Magic Pockets

Magical Cut


Mental Thought

Mind Reader II

Four Islands

From Here To There

Get Money

Half and Half

Housing Suits

Impossible Card Location

Kathy's Prediction

Kings Robbery

Lucky 13

Magic Flick of a Finger

Magic Partner

Magic Riffle

Math is Beautiful

Memory Ace's

Mind Reader

Mirror Image

Mongolian Clock

Nice and Easy

Not Your Card

Obedient Colours

On Tap

Opposite Decks

Pair 'em Up...

Pick For Me

Poker Trial

Psychic Prediction

Quick Flip

Reverse The Card

Seven Detectives

Slap Happy

Spelling Bee

Stop Now

Mystery Ten

No I got it

Number's Game

O'Henry Trick

Opnick's Dozen

Order Please

Paper and Predictions

Pick-Up 52

Psychic Hotline

Psychic Solution

Re-appearing Aces

Seb's Bottom Trick

Sitting on the Card

Spectator Performs a Trick

Stack The Cards



The Bottom Card

The Changing Card

The Four 2's Jive

The Hotel

The Lazy Magician

The Reappearing Combo

The Similar Pair

The Six Guessed Cards

The Turn Around Card Trick

The Year Game

Think of a Card

Three In A Row

Turn Around Deck

Was There Now It's Here

Where's the Card?

Teleporting Cards

The Changing Ace

The Enchanted Card

The Four Ace Extravaganzas

The Jack's Party

The Magnetic Cards

The Self-Arranging Deck

The Sisters Trick

The Sun

The Wizard Takes a Holiday

Think About It

Three Card Match

Triple Threat

Vanishing Card

What's on Your Mind?

Who's The Magician?

Coin Tricks

Vanishing Quarter

Easy Coin Vanish

Minus Your Money

Swindled Coin

Handkerchief And Coin Trick

Palm Penetration

Coin Bite

French Drop!

Coin to Biscuit

Silk Handkerchief from Money

Hopping Quarter

Coin in Wool

Double Sided Coin

The DeManche Change

Falling Quarter

Bar Magic

Anti Gravity Beer

Everlasting Ash

Liquor Switch

Penetrating ashes trick

Coin Island

The Bar Balance

Psychic Dice

Eye Popper

Street Magic

Fly Resurrection

Coin Bite And Restored Coin

Cough, Cough

Coin Vanish

Card In Bottle

Cigarette Through The Coin Trick

Ace Shake

Voodoo Ash

Two Card Monte

Twisting Arm Illusion

Psycho Kinetic Time

Card Through Window

Paul Xenon Tax Disc Removal Secret

The Card Flick Revelation

Mind Reader

Levitation Secrets

Balducci Method

David Blaine Method

10 Tips to perform the perfect Balducci Levitation

Group Human Levitation

Floating Bill And Small Objects Levitation

Kundalini Rising Card Trick

Andruzzi Ascending

Optical Illusions

David Blaine's Mega Magic is delivered in PDF format and is viewable on any computer. All you need is "Adobe Reader" or "Acrobat eBook Reader" which is available free and already on most computers.

Suggested price: $ 3.00

Authorsmark Price: $2.00

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