Freedom Dream

by Aaron Hister

Free your mind and surrender ya soul
Let the light energy enter ya skull
Embers which glow astral temples of gold
Stars in my heart shine achieving the simplest goals

Slowly the pain burns to a smile
Born in the dirt warping a cloud
Into two spaces in heaven turning u down
entities enter my auras surrounded

hunted and haunted by ghost making toasts
invoking the mud from the violets arose
making decisions for choices you chose
freezing the hot and boiling the cold

my pineal gland
causes the chakras to shine in my hands
white like Hawaiian land sand
stripping energy despite its demand

astral projections to the 4th dimension
swimming in fire the more I'm sinnin

summon superior mystical things
of that which dwells in my astronomical dreams
that is just one of the many scenes

taking in fire the waters of hell
government making you swallow your thoughts as well

the smell of money wreaks from my clothes
for my pleasure and passion equally grows
see what he chose
it weakens his soul
freedom?s not free but my teeth come in rows
blood when you bleed freeze when it snows

my prophesized tribes don't want to hide
but put on a heightened disguise of unlightened minds
I?m dreaming I?m dreaming I awake with a sigh
Look inside my 3rd eye six starting to cry

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