A 34th Century Guide To Children's Literature

by L.A.Webber (Author info on L.A.Webber)

A delightful collection of cosmic and spiritual stories and poems for both children and adults!

This imaginative telling of fables, tales and children's rhymes as told on other planets, is meant to offer a glimpse into the great and varied ways that parents in the greater universe relate to their children, the concepts, beliefs, myths and legends of their people as handed down through the ages.

Rich in an understanding of life as a thing of light, love and unity, they offer new and unique reading that reveals that we are, indeed, part of a great and cosmic, universal family that, in many ways, is not so different than our own.

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In the tradition of the Ancient Teachings and brought up to date to include the considerations and complexities of the present age with an eye on the age to come; these abstract drawings are designed to enhance your DNA, uplift your vibrational frequencies as well as calm and entertain the senses. These one-of-a-kind Talismans for the new age let your interactive energy flow through the coloring of these designs to help in your spiritual as well as material development!

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A scary collection of Halloween tales that will thrill and chill you to the bone!

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There are some really great poems by Aaron Hister, now posted from the "MY AUTHORSMARK" page. Be sure to give them a read!

WE HAVE OUT FIRST TEEN ARTIST!!! Morgan, from NC has submitted a beautiful work of art, titled 'Gwendolyn' through our TEENWORK section! If the beauty of this original work is any indication, Morgan has a great future ahead of her! All Right, Morgan! WAY TO GO!

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