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About me:

What can I say that will matter? I have a B.A. from Dartmouth in Philosophy and a Masters in Teaching from National Louis University. I am happily married with five children and seven grandchildren, two dogs and several houseplants. I have worked many jobs and have been to many places and have met many people. I have studied new and ancient texts in religion, mysticism, hermetics, kabbalah and so on. I have worked my way up thus far on the Great Spiral Path and have acted accordingly. I have been allowed to channel messages from the Spiritual Hierarchy and have been able to reach out and connect with others in this universe and other universes. It is through such means that I was able to write this book. Ultimately, I AM THAT I AM THAT I AM. It is, after all, the book itself that should matter and the concepts and values that it conveys and not myself, as a mere conduit and facilitator of experience.

About my book:

Cosmic Fairy Tales was originally titled: A 34TH CENTURY GUIDE TO CHILDREN'S LITERATURE. Sounds stuffy doesn't it? The new title sounds more fun but I assure you that the original text has not been changed. The poems and stories found therein have been gathered from different places and times in this wonderful universe of ours through much effort in reaching out and adjusting to their resonant vibrations. Mind you, such a thing took quite a bit of time, but the whole experience was quite enjoyable and as a learning experience, invaluable. There are planets with civilizations and cultures that are much more advanced than ours. They have a different view of life and things than we tend to have and their children's stories are a bit more complex than the simple fare that we give our children today. Still, there is no reason why such concepts as unity of life and cooperation and fairness and such, cannot be shared with us so that, when our children finally get to meet their children, they will find that they already have much in common and embrace each other as family, for truly that is what we are.

Questions and comments can be directed to: kibodabi@gmail.com

Price of book in USD: $3.00

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There are some really great poems by Aaron Hister, now posted from the "MY AUTHORSMARK" page. Be sure to give them a read!

WE HAVE OUT FIRST TEEN ARTIST!!! Morgan, from NC has submitted a beautiful work of art, titled 'Gwendolyn' through our TEENWORK section! If the beauty of this original work is any indication, Morgan has a great future ahead of her! All Right, Morgan! WAY TO GO!

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