Life in Death

by Aaron Hister

Life is funny, death is no joke...
Death is black,life's light
is a fine line
between four senses and five
less than the truth more...then, lies
with these mortal eyes I'm blind for life's light that tourtues minds

that's why I smoke
if i have to live blind and cold
I want to die wearin a warm smile looking through kaleidoscopes

blinded by the bright
decieved by the darkness
the hearts that we start with
are missed keys from the hardships
cars and apartment cards over charged with

the life I choose to pick to
live you,
don't if you die blind than it's no exsuse
your life and mine, so different...
you can't read your own language but you try to decipher my invented hieroglyphics

your mind intertwines with the shadows of time
but my time is spent sighin thick
my type of iron fist lives exist
but you put yours in the hands of dice that skip

like flat stones, on a mapped zone

you should live outside the box before you sleep in one eternally internally
you heard of the

it's the forced smile of the brave
the fire u find on a wave
the first flame that cooked fillets in a cave

it's best known as the force it might take TIME to respect
without freedom there's no life but there's life in death

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