Make it last forever

by Aaron Hister

He was 6 foot three in a new BMW
Play with his money and surely he would smother you
Gave all the kids that need it some lunch money too
Had all the women real cool southern dude

Born in Mississippi just moved from Alabama
Where ever he would go he was followed by a camera

Whenever he would run its no stoppin
Bought me a new hat just ?cause he went shoppin

Scared all the punks when they would try to fight me
Say ?He?s with me? and they would run out their Nikes

His name was Jesse Red 5 years my elder
But now he?s in jail because of what he use to sell us

She was 5 foot 5 with a shape like a super model
When ever you asked nicely she gave you all the money you could borrow

Pretty eyes with lips like an apple slice
Red lip stick never a scratch on her after fights

All the dudes wanted her she was the coolest chick
Never recited bible verses on her neck a crucifix

Kiss you on the cheek in front of the girl that was interested
For a confidence boost for you and that other girl would act ignorant

Her name was Tammie Lloyd and she was 3 years older tha us
Start having babies you can she her over you shoulder at the stop for the bus

They were 4 deep in a 96 Isuzu
Listening to T.I and it was on boost too

They called themselves the Bloods robbed and pillaged
Thought they were the baddest around the village

Kept getting arrested
Jumped on my best friend
always had tattoos powerful like the x-men

did the same thing even robbed a bank
and the t-mobile store with a glock and tape

then moved in a gang called the Gangster Disciples
the leader of the bloods died thanks to a rifle

nothing is forever not even the best
life is not forever its just a test

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