Mi Vida Loca

by Aaron Hister

Woke up in the morning as a two year old
first memory Jerry Springer and cocoa puffs 2 fuel my soul

dad picked me up and drop me off at my Granny?s house
see him in a month left practically like they ran em out

taking me to church telling me to pay attention
and every time somebody prayed...I listened

going to my cousins house in South shore
walking to the store because he needs to get out more

move to Atlanta age of ten
grew up a little faster because of people playing friends

smoke before and after school
getting Fs and battle rules
and everything to a teenager that was cool

getting trapped in a car full of marijuana smoke
they probably shouldn?t have done that I was only 5 years old

the year after that had my fist beer
feeling hot tearing off my shirt here...

cereal for dinner
mom had to work but I didn?t blame
I feel like I should've had the last of my mommy's name

my Grandma died now I seek tasks of sin
because my cousin Kyrstal died in a freak accident

I was her age when she died I was born on a full moon
thinking about my crazy life listening to a ghouls tune

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