Money moves the world

by Aaron Hister
(Harvey, Il)

imperial wishes

turns grape vineyards into seas
mentally he went to dream
physically can't get to sleep

green paper white faces
pyramids inside placed with
eyes to die for don't stop because you might make it

the sound of it is purple minus red
spinning like earth inside your head

that color plus yellow
breathing out felt old
like tarnished tales told
trying to shop on Hollywood's Melrose
you think bronze leads to gold

but only gold can produce it
actors can only dream if there's not camera to shoot with

I see the unseen
you bleed from one gene

I taste what you smell
the cake from the well

fingerprints on your mind place there by sociaity
rainbows shades of black at the end white gold is what you're trying to see

genuine materialist
mind control spiritual riffs

ski-masks on your soul
kicking you out of your lonley home

fluoride in your water telling you what you can't do
more and more to turn your aura into a bland hue

dieing to live and vice versa
iron your lids shut nice work but...

you missed a spot
just woke up at 8:15 set alrams for 6 'o clock
it's the shot

you waited for bitersweetness
its no secrect

didn't really care if you lose your girl
it's someone else and he moves the world

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Nov 25, 2010
good poem
by: Anonymous

i like this one.........
it shows....thought.....
keep it coming!

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