by Aaron Hister

Scratch the face of the of the holder of the lions palm the fire timing bombs
burning still I am calm

the water works
never flow, even involving hearse
cancer seeds growing in the evil genius potters dirt

Novocain numb never nervous amnesia
suppressing memories only one direction that I can teeter

you feel me? how can you I'm numb
looking at the sky sprung
talking in ways that would tie tongues
flagging down the truth with my right thumb
I sign, hum ,freestyle in my head write that down that was tight huh?

friends getting locked up left and right
they shot him in the back doing pulls up in the park trying to exercise
girlfriend molested by
her momma’s hus-band she died
told her smoke some ses alright?
she cut her arm on her thigh rested sliced
the biggest greenest vein I can contest her psyche
karma arrested mine
mind full of pesticide
she was ok this morning but now where’s his best tonight?

Crips on my lawn telling me to come out and bang
they shot your homeboy in Bankhead next year cant tell me what his name...
was now i’m still dealing with the same stuff
but now the difference is I remain....numb

(true stories)

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