Sing me a song

by Aaron Hister
(Chicago, IL)

Sing me a song with a painted on smile
Not for too long but stay a long while

My soul laughs in the face of a time bomb
Lions in my head needing pride to rely on

I sung you a song and you're appalled by it
but I love that you're still in the audience

Visiting the nursery corsage shopping for my prom queen
A dozen flowers and the elixir for the vase that your mom brings

Limos for the night and a rented suit
Knocked on the door and complemented you

When ever you're the one I came to
reminded me of visiting the desert and packing rain boots

never was a fan of your geeky twin Coco
her laugh is obnoxious and she always talks so cold

Halloween reach into a bag at the nights end
eating all the candy taste the sugar when you bite in

some taste sweet, others now I'm sorrowful
should've never trick or treated colors become audible

Christmas present shopping in my pockets all the nickels go
kissing my best friend under the mistletoe

Sunday night Monday light
lost in a dream but I won stage fright

lights in my eyes blue and red
cheers diving off stage, now boos instead

mic on the stand and the lights with the lead guitarist
I need to sing another song but I don't need the starship

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