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Thanks for choosing to serve in helping you to sell your eBook online! This is an open and honest business and we prefer to let you know details before you buy.

In order to sell your work with the least amount of time and trouble, we are using Payloadz to store your file and create a ‘buy now’ button linked directly to your account.

If you do not have a or account, it is required that you get both. The accounts are free and both offer services that will allow you to sell your product whenever and wherever you like.

The easiest way to get up and running on the PayLoadz system for first time users is the PayLoadz Express system.

After you register your Payloadz account and purchase your Authorsmark account, you will be able to download the password instructions that will allow you to formally register and create your bio page, book description and more. Please place all your information in the Author Registration form and paste your purchase button code in the appropriate box. This is information that we will use to create your book's short description.

You will also find links to the form that you will use to create your very own 'Author Information' webpage, your special webpage for the longer, more detailed description of your book, as well as a form to post a sample from the book.

All of these forms are optional. If you do not use them then you will only have the short description of your book listed without graphics. The forms are easy to fill out and allow you to create your own space with pictures to generate more views and sales for your work. We highly recommend using these forms!

The regular price for submitting work for sale is $10.00 monthly and $60.00 annually. UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, WE ARE OFFERING ACCOUNTS AT HALF PRICE! ANNUAL ACOUNTS FOR $30.00 AND MONTHLY ACCOUNTS FOR $5.00!!!

We also encourage you to have your book finished and ready to go before you sign up. There is no sense wasting time and money having an account for a work that can’t be posted. By signing up with us and creating a Payloadz account, you will be well on your way to selling your book in numerous venues. Let’s face it. There's no such thing as a best-selling book that’s only sold in one bookstore! We simply want to be able to provide you with the most satisfying, enjoyable and profitable experience that you will ever receive anywhere!

We intend to pursue a vigorous advertising campaign in order to gain as many readers to the site to see your work as we can get. It is hoped that we can start advertising on television no later than the end of the first quarter, 2011. There will be partnerships and affiliations with writing schools, editors and publishers. Some of these are in the works presently. We will let you know what is available as it comes.

We would like to create writer projects for groups of authors and expect to be able to begin giving out cash awards for most sales, reader’s choice and other categories by this time next year.

We will be constantly exploring new and better ways to connect authors with illustrators and it is with serious intent that we are doing everything possible to build a formidable collection of graphic novels, short stories, manga, comic strips and any and all illustrations that can be put to literary use. We sincerely ask you for your input as to what you would like to see on this site and highly encourage you to do.

We are here to help you be seen and heard, to make your mark upon the world! To provide a place where readers can find new authors and authors can find new readers! That’s what is all about!

[Note*: If you are younger than 18 years of age, you will be required to give the name of an adult that has agreed to represent your legal interests. Otherwise you will not be able to sell your book through this service. You will, however, be able to show off your great stuff in the 'TEEN AUTHORS' section.]

TERMS OF AGREEMENT Purchase of this service is a legal declaration, by you, that you have read and/or accept the Terms of Agreement.

So if you’re ready...

</a> ANNUAL ACCOUNT = $30.00/Year

</a> MONTHLY ACCOUNT = $5.00/month

News, Events and Other Stuff!

There are some really great poems by Aaron Hister, now posted from the "MY AUTHORSMARK" page. Be sure to give them a read!

WE HAVE OUT FIRST TEEN ARTIST!!! Morgan, from NC has submitted a beautiful work of art, titled 'Gwendolyn' through our TEENWORK section! If the beauty of this original work is any indication, Morgan has a great future ahead of her! All Right, Morgan! WAY TO GO!

If you are an author or artist in the Chicagoland area, then you should know about this:

CAR-Literary is the newest section of Chicago Artists Resource, and is the online home of DCA’s Publishing Industry Programs. showcases Chicago as a major yet distinct player in the world of publishing through regularly updated news, featured books and periodicals from the Chicago Publishers Gallery, and a comprehensive literary events calendar. A searchable database of all Chicago-area book and periodical publishers is the first of its type to exist in the Chicago area. In addition, will provide a full array of social media tools including Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

CAR-Literary provides a robust platform for community-contributed postings such as jobs; calls for submissions; an online forum for open dialogue; links to local and national resources; articles on professional practice; and Artist Stories, essays contributed by writers and publishers about their personal expertise and experiences. Created by artists for artists, CAR encourages cross-disciplinary collaboration.