Your affect

by Aaron Hister

You affect...
My toothpaste my breath mint
my cologne my best friend
the answer and questions
the error and lesson

my skin and my organs
the rent and the mortgage
you spend and you spend get the spins in the mornin

predisposed naturally born
energized in a battery form

tackle battles rattles
shackles black crows
cackle at those shadows

smoke in my eyes burn
at the next left make a right turn

laughing at the blue and reds
passing up the racist rapist with a changed shape and face lift
you instead
arrest us Buddha heads
on cough syrup and Sudafed

Newports and Old English
silver dollars and gold pieces
you assume half the rumors but u don't know the whole secret

my mother was a dual parent
now I know why you cherish

both of yours
mine is an angel with a halo and horns

I got it from the Irish and gave it to my stomach
Regan got it from Columbia now his people run it

onions to your eyes is the starch to my balanced meal
walking on the tightrope with callused heals
now I feel....

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