Your Lies

by Aaron Hister
(Harvey, IL)

Blinded by your lies
brighten my discuise
lost in your depeception the sky is by my spine

tears hit the floor, the blood of my soul
evaporate into your ego where the puddles all go

never trust the darkness your eyes are the foe
only see with your heart big shrink it down to cope

you scarred me
your lies are knives
coming from up high like harpys
stalking her victim snatching out a heart beat

I should've seen the snow in the air in plain view
should I blame your maker or Gepetto who raised you

decietful evil people don't even seek to bring truth
wait and see patiently what disortion will bring you

always honest you took advantage
should I blame the rook that planned it

listened to you, ears are my rival
smelled you sweet scent deers in the light too

never again, love is out of the question
lies in your answers casket to rest in
follwing my heart lead me to deception
thoughts in my head trying to suppress them

black to the heart thanks to you
welcome to the club the game of fools
demons in my face angels move
because dragons breathing fire get aimed at too

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Nov 25, 2010
cool line at the end........
by: Anonymous

"because dragons breathing fire get aimed at too"

i like that......

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