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Authorsmark.com is dedicated to providing writers, poets and graphic story/artists, a place where they can showcase their works online and connect with the public and each other! This site was officially launched on 10/10/10. This is a place that is meant for authors, artists and readers to share their thoughts, ideas and creations with each other and the world. We would like to develop a sense of community that will allow you all to increase your exposure and your sales.

Here, for a very affordable price, you will be able to post your works for free or for sale and keep 100% of your profits. There is a forum set up that will be activated when there are enough authors that would like to moderate their own threads.

There are shoutboxes for real-time messages and international chatting and we do have a wordpress blog page that we are working on expanding, which will also be activated soon.

In the meantime, you can blog on the contributions invitation that is found in the MYAUTHORSMARK page. You can contribute articles, short stories, poems, artwork or anything else that you would like to share. All of this is for free......so feel free!

Teenagers can have their say in the TEENWORK section and those that are younger can use the KIDZWORK section, which should have its own shoutbox soon.

There are several books posted for sale to let you know what your space will look like. If you would like to sell your work here at www.authorsmark.com, then please go to our SUBMIT YOUR BOOK page by clicking the top button to the left.

We are in the process of creating a section for international books. There is no reason why books from all over the world cannot be sold here in their native languages. So expect that to appear soon. We are considering creating separate invitations for blogs, articles and the like. If you think this would be better than having it all come in from one form, let us know.

Right now, we are having a Grand Opening Launch Sale with a 2 for 1 price reduction for registered accounts. Get two years for the price of one! That's $2.50 a month!!

A lot can happen in two years and Authorsmark.com will always be growing and changing to accommodate your needs.

Please let us know what you want to see included in our website. If you would like us to post an announcement for an event or job opening, please send it it to us from the 'Contact us' form on the page of the same name.

We are here to help you share your work with the world and support you in your success.



If you are looking for new books to read; if you believe that you are able to decide what you want for yourself and not just accept what is filtered down to you, then you will find what you want here.

Whether you are looking for stories of romance or mystery, horror or science-fiction and fantasy, there is a place for it here. If you are looking for innovative thoughts, ideas and concepts, then here is where you will be able to find them!

This site was just recently launched, so if you do not see what you are looking for right now, please return from time to time to see how building has progressed.


Authorsmark.com believes that your voice deserves to be heard. Your vision and creativity deserve to be seen and appreciated. You can make your mark on the world!

Whether you write fiction or non-fiction, you will be able to offer your work here and reach millions of potential fans who will enjoy your work...

...while keeping 100% of your profits!!

Please check up on us regularly while we create the best way to connect readers and authors together in the smoothest, most easy experience as possible.

Let the Adventure begin!

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News, Events and Other Stuff!

There are some really great poems by Aaron Hister, now posted from the "MY AUTHORSMARK" page. Be sure to give them a read!

WE HAVE OUT FIRST TEEN ARTIST!!! Morgan, from NC has submitted a beautiful work of art, titled 'Gwendolyn' through our TEENWORK section! If the beauty of this original work is any indication, Morgan has a great future ahead of her! All Right, Morgan! WAY TO GO!

If you are an author or artist in the Chicagoland area, then you should know about this:

CAR-Literary is the newest section of Chicago Artists Resource, and ChicagoPublishes.com is the online home of DCA’s Publishing Industry Programs.

ChicagoPublishes.com showcases Chicago as a major yet distinct player in the world of publishing through regularly updated news, featured books and periodicals from the Chicago Publishers Gallery, and a comprehensive literary events calendar. A searchable database of all Chicago-area book and periodical publishers is the first of its type to exist in the Chicago area. In addition, ChicagoPublishes.com will provide a full array of social media tools including Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

CAR-Literary provides a robust platform for community-contributed postings such as jobs; calls for submissions; an online forum for open dialogue; links to local and national resources; articles on professional practice; and Artist Stories, essays contributed by writers and publishers about their personal expertise and experiences. Created by artists for artists, CAR encourages cross-disciplinary collaboration.